Facts About Haiti

  • Population: over 9.5 million
  • Capital: Port-Au-Prince
  • Smaller than the size of Maryland
  • Poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
  • 80% of the population lives in poverty
  • Language: Haitian Creole and French
  • Girls tend to miss a lot of school due to lack of sanitary pads
  • #1 country for women with cervical cancer because of rapes and unhealthy environment
  • Less than ½ of the population has access to health care services
  • About 63% of the population does not have access to clean water or sanitary restroom facilities

Our Product

Our hygiene kit consists of:

  • A pull string bag which will keep the products private and discreet.
  • 5-10” pads for heavy days and 5-8” pads for lighter days
  • 2 small bars of soap
  • 2 zip lock freezer bags
  • 2 pairs of panties
  • 1 wash cloth

Missions Trip

The women of Haiti need our help. We are excited to start planning our first mission trip to Haiti. Check back for updates.